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Php simple file counter

Name: Php simple file counter

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May 25, php $File = "rtxrhl.tk"; //This is the text file we keep our count in, that we If you now want the total hits, you need to tidy them up (in this example randomly). Oct 24, After learning the basics of PHP's basic file system functions, the first thing you'll want to do is put it to use.

php // Part 1 $filename = "rtxrhl.tk"; $count = file_get_contents($filename); if ($count == null) $count = 0; echo $count; // Part 2 $count++; $handle = fopen. This is a basic site hit counter.

What it does is take a few lines of code that open up a file called (rtxrhl.tk) and changes a simple number in it. First off, what. A few days ago I needed to find a simple way to count the number of times a web page The first time the counter script runs it creates a file called rtxrhl.tk then.

Simple PHP counter. This is an example on how to use a PHP function that updates data inside a text file. The function stores the number of times a page has. Here is an example counter script, making use of the new functions: $filename = '/path/to/rtxrhl.tk'; // our counter file $fp = fopen($filename,"r"); // open it for. Nov 26, For this we'll use a session variable. php session_start(); $counter_name = " rtxrhl.tk"; // Check if a text file exists.

// If not create one and. TIP: Learn how to FTP files, read my simple FTP and CHMOD tutorial If you wish to count unique visits (hits) only, open file rtxrhl.tk in a plain text editor. Extremely simple function to get human filesize. php function .. //we could make $count jumps, so the file is at least $count * MB large // Note: You can use file_get_contents() to return the contents of a file as a string.

Another example, let's get a web page into a string. echo count($names).


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